Hi there! Welcome to The Best Kind of Busy, my name is Andreana, I was born in Alberta (GO Oilers!!), and fortunate enough to be raised in the sunny Okanagan! I fell in love with my best friend at the age of 20 and he has kept me on my toes ever since. I’m a stay at home momma to our two beautiful babies, our spirited 4 year old little girl and our fierce 2 year old baby boy and of course our first babies, the furry ones – Maximus and Oliver!

I live for a great mascara, comfy tees, a good beat and all things sweet. You can find us hanging poolside, chasing our rascals through the park, reciting the latest Disney craze or cooking up a storm.. we make a mean pizza! I’m sure my family and friends will attest to my shy but, slightly nutty personality and that me reaching out to all of you in a public forum is completely out of character, but here I am!

I find myself constantly scoping the internet for answers, looking for tips and tricks through this ride we call parenthood, so my wish is that this blog helps bring us together through the ups and downs of picky eating, potty training, family vacations, and all the other sticky situations in between. I’m also looking for reassurance from you guys that I’m not as crazy as I think I am, and that it’s alright for me to admit that it’s okay to have no idea what I’m doing some days. There is no secret manual right.. !? That being said, I hope you will follow us along as we take this journey through the best kind of busy!

I would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or just wish to reach out and say Hi please feel free to email me at thebestkindofbusy@gmail.com. I post regularly on Instagram so if you can’t find me here, you will definitely find me there.

Andreana xo