Gift Guide For Kids

I can’t believe the time has come! The holidays are nearly HERE!! Where did the year go?? Well this week I’m kicking things off with a Gift Guide for Kids! This year’s gift guide is a curated list of things my littles currently own + genuinely love and fight over LOL! along with a few items you will find on their Christmas wish list! We’ve been lucky in the sense that even though we have one of each gender, they for the most part have the same interests.. but let’s be honest Ben is also only two and really just wants whatever his sister has, so I’m sure this will change over the years.

Gifts aside though, we are so excited for this coming holiday season! Emma has fully grasped the spirit of the holiday season + has been counting the days until we hop on the plane to head back West to spend some much needed time with our closest friends + family! Ben.. well Ben is just happy to be with happy people + surrounded by yummy food!

Let’s get into our suggestions below!

1. Osmo Genius Kit | 2. Board Game | 3. VTech Camera | 4. Classic Card Games | 5. Magnetic Tiles | 6. Play Kitchen | 7. Scooter | 8. Tool Set | 9. Wired Headphones

1. Osmo Genius Kit

This one is on the wish list! We’ve heard nothing, but great things about the Osmo Genius Kit and were always looking for great ways to incorporate technology along with fun + learning! As anyone tried this? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

2. Snug as a Bug in a Rug

A great board game for those with little ones in the processing of learning their shapes, colours + numbers. With our daughter now in kindergarten we’ve found this game to be a great way to spend some fun, quality time with her and test her knowledge!

3. VTech Camera

Another item on the wish list! My thought process for the longest time was my kids are free to take as many pictures with my phone as he’d like.. until I found myself deleting 100’s of half-face selfies and pictures of their feet and then cringing as I hear it hit the floor and pray as I pick it up to not find a cracked screen. Knock on wood.. that has yet to happen, but I figure before it does there has got to be a better solution. So that is why the VTech Camera is on our wish list this year!

4. Melissa & Doug Card Games

Go Fish, Old Maid, Matching are just a few of our favourite card games! This little card game set is a great gift as a stocking stuffer or maybe a friend or neighbour you’re unsure what to buy for.

5. Magnetic Tiles

There are sooo many variations of these magnetic tiles, so to pick one specific brand was hard as they’re all great! We have a few smaller sets of these, but there never seems to be enough with the amount of fights I have to break in a day, so that is why they are on our list as a LOVE + NEED. I tend to pull these out as I prepare for dinner that way they’re usually in one place + I can referee their scraps from the kitchen.

6. Play Kitchen

We bought a play kitchen from Costco for our daughter’s 2nd Christmas and while it has held up for the most part, I have heard nothing but great things on the Ikea Play Kitchen. Great price point, durable and Ikea has awesome kitchen accessories to accompany this great gift idea!

7. Scooter

A scooter is new to us as of this past summer + what a hit it was! Our daughter does have a bike, but she just didn’t seem ready for it. So my mom graciously bought our daughter her first scooter to zoom around on during the summer months in the Okanagan + what a blast she had! Especially with walking to the beach each day + evening strolls this scooter was a life saver!

8. Tool Set

With all the renovations going on in our house over the last 4 months a tool set was a must! Our kids are eager to get in on the action and wanting to help out but the idea of letting them walk around with a screwdriver + wrench of course was an accident waiting to happen.. I didn’t want a set with too many pieces, because they always find their way tucked into every small crevasse of the house so this set as been a great way to incorporate the kids in ‘helping’ out!

9. Wired Headphones

Not a necessity for everyday use, but great for long road trips + flights! Allows them to zone out to their favourite movies with endless snacks in hand to hopefully allow for a smooth journey to your destination!

There you have it!! I hope our list helps you with your Christmas shopping for all the little one’s in your life! We would love to hear what is on your Christmas lists this year + maybe some hits from previous years!

Andreana xo

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission. All opinions are of course 100% my own.

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