Whistler Getaway: Blog TAKEOVER with Kelly from Go Travel

Since moving to the Vancouver area, we’ve really tried to make a point of exploring what the beautiful West Coast has to offer. At least one of our summer vacations MUST be a visit to a neighbouring city or town. This weekend we had a wedding to attend in Pemberton and we thought, why not take this opportunity to spend a few days in Whistler!? We had our good friend, my sister-in-law and travel agent Kelly with Go Travel make the arrangements for us and all together we stayed at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Whistler Village Suites. While our visit was short, we had a great time splashing in the pool, meandering through the Village, chowing down on some good eats, poking our nose into local shops and letting our kids wander free to scope out Whistler’s awesome parks and beautiful scenery.


Kelly’s new to the area as well, moving to Vancouver with her husband from Sherwood Park, Alberta in the summer of 2015. I swear, it seems every time we catch up they’re telling us about the breathtaking trails they’ve found or the alluring lakes they’ve paddled through! This girl definitely suffers from the travel bug as well, having made her way all across Central America to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador just to name a few and then on to places in Europe like France, Belgium, Scotland and England and various parts of Canada and the United States of America. I think it’s safe to say Kelly has done her fair share of traveling and searching for our world’s most hidden treasures, so you know she knows what she’s doing!


So GUESS WHAT!!? Kelly’s taking over the blog! Providing you all with a detailed itinerary for your family’s weekend away at Whistler, British Columbia. She’s listed our family’s favourite place to stay which I must mention is great for your furry friends too and outlined some family fun activities for you all to check out!

Hey guys, Kelly here! I think it is safe to say that a lot of people don’t really explore the city or area they live in. We are always dreaming of far off places to visit. However, road trips can be an economic way to travel and you can also make them short and sweet. My husband and I since moving from Alberta have made an effort to explore the area knowing that the Pacific Northwest has arguably some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. That being said, I know that my husband and I’s travel style is not necessarily feasible when you add kids and dogs in the mix. So when Andreana asked me to do a collab I had to really start thinking in her shoes, with her help I was able to come up with an itinerary that is flexible and fun for the whole family. 

Since we were headed to Whistler anyways, it seemed the perfect time to explore the area further. We scoped out the Village, the Farmer’s Market, some nearby lakes and of course spent a good chunk of time at the pool. We really do love Whistler for it’s ease to get to, and the Sea to Sky Highway is truly breathtaking. For us Vancouverites, it is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. In the summer and winter prices can be very high, but during the off season especially in September the prices go down significantly and so do the crowds. 

I’ve created a 4 Day itinerary for you all, but I designed it to be flexible. I did this so that you can pick and choose activities based on your family’s wants and needs. If you only have 2 days you can still find inspiration and tips and tricks for your next adventure to Whistler. Most of the activities included don’t have specific time frames or need to be booked in advanced. This way you can fit in your children’s routines into the mix with ease. What I think needs to be emphasized with travel no matter whether you have a family or not, is that it doesn’t always go as planned. Take this itinerary as a general outline, if you don’t do everything or anything on it, don’t be upset! The point at the end of the day is to have an enjoyable weekend, see some new sites and most importantly creating unforgettable memories with your little ones. ​

Green Photo Travel Itinerary Planner

Green Photo Travel Itinerary Planner (1)

Green Photo Travel Itinerary Planner (2)

Green Photo Travel Itinerary Planner (3)

Green Photo Travel Itinerary Planner (4)

FREE PRINTABLE: 4 Day Whistler Itinerary

Sooo.. what’d you all think!? Have you ever been to Whistler? What are some of your family’s favourite places to explore? If you’ve never been before and are in the area, I can promise you that Whistler and surrounding area is truly a magical place and well worth the visit!

Here’s Kelly’s Facebook page for you as well, reach out to her with any questions or concerns you may have for your next family’s next visit to Whistler or maybe a destination far off, warm and beach front!

Andreana xo

Psst.. keep your eyes peeled for my Instagram post this evening! It may entail a little giveaway for your next adventure to beautiful Whistler!

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.


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