Spring Wardrobe Refresh

We get A LOT of rain in Vancouver! Most of our winter is surrounded by dark, grey rainy clouds.. you can go through some serious winter blues here!! As much as I love the summer months, there is something magical about stepping into Spring. The sweet air, and bright colours popping up all around us bring feelings of a fresh start! It was a lonnngggg six weeks since Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow, but now with a less then a week until the first official day of Spring, I think this can commence my desperate need of some online shopping and of course to celebrate the beautiful days to come!! Healthy? Probably not.. but who doesn’t enjoy day dreaming of warmer days!

I have to admit, though I love me some oversized hoodies and leggings it’s nice to rifle through my wardrobe and purge those dingy worn items that no longer bring me joy and stock up on some bright new patterns and items to give my closet a much needed lift! This shop was also inspired by our vacay to Hawaii in less than A MONTH!!? My goodness.. time does fly!

Spring Refresh2

1. Linen Shorts  | 2. Plaid Shirt Dress | 3. Denim Jeans | 4. Vacay Tee | 5. Converse | 6. Stud Earrings | 7. Woven Tote | 8. Sunglasses | 9. Lace-Up Shift Dress | 10. Peplum Tee | 11. Suede Sandals | 12. Field Jacket | 13. Denim Overalls

Have you gotten up to any retail shopping with Spring amongst us!!? Any great deals I need to know about!? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Friday!

Andreana xo.

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