Hawaii Here We Come!!

ALOHA! That’s right.. the time has finally come! We’re off to Honolulu today!! Seeing all of your beautiful holiday posts over these past couple of months has had me going through some serious vacay envy! With us moving soon, we didn’t think a family vacation was in the cards for us this year, buuutt we managed to make it work and we CAN. NOT. WAIT!!

Life has been so chaotic these last few weeks with preparing to move, finding a new home, looking into programs and schools for little miss.. the list could go on!! So it’s safe to say, we’re all super excited and really looking forward to this much needed break under the warm Hawaiian sun!

Have you been to Honolulu!? This is our first time visiting O’ahu, so we would love to hear any tips or guidance on must see places to visit!

There’s no doubt I’ll be sharing some pics on my Instagram, so be sure to pop on over and see what we’ve been up to!

Andreana xo

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