Oh Hey Autumn..

We’ve been so fortunate here on the Pacific West Coast to have such beautiful Autumn weather and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight! Now, as much as I love long summer nights, picnics in the park and beach days.. Autumn has been, and will always be my favourite time of the year! I’ve been itching to layer up in cozy scarves, over sized sweaters, and cute boots for weeks now. And don’t even get me started on how adorable little one’s Fall clothing is..

One of the first things that attracted me to our neighbourhood was the green, lush, woody trails that surround us. Some of my best childhood memories are running around in my good friend’s orchard playing hide n’ seek, building little forts and digging for imaginary treasure so my only hope was this beautiful space provided just that and more for our kids.


E’s preschool class is currently learning about weather and seasons and I can see her now associating certain objects with those seasons. She LOVES taking a bucket and collecting anything and everything she can find out on our strolls, so I thought an Autumn themed scavenger hunt would be a perfect way to incorporate the two!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Autumn Scavenger Hunt


One of the trails backs onto some farm land that happens to have some friendly horses. They’re not always out, but when they are it is certainly a special treat!


I think we spent the majority of our time watching the horses, but honestly I did not mind! There’s something so calming about horses. Such big, strong animals, yet so elegant and kind. E was just in awe, so we happily parked ourselves to watch, and while B is still figuring out this whole shoe situation, the quiet time gave him a chance to get out of the stroller and explore.


Well, we didn’t come home with many of the items on our list.. BUT, that’s okay! I mean what kid doesn’t have a fascination with rocks!? We enjoyed our time out in the sun, visiting with the horses and exploring the many little treasures this earth has to offer.

Autumn Scavenger hunt

FREE DOWNLOAD: Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Do you love Autumn as much as me!!? What are some of your family’s favourite things to do during this time of year!? I want to know alllllll!! I hope you’ll give our scavenger hunt a go during your next outdoor adventure!


Andreana xo

6 thoughts on “Oh Hey Autumn..

  1. Hahaha the picture with the bucket of rocks made me laugh. The couple times I went hiking with my kids I ended up lugging around a bucket of rocks as well.
    Really cute scavenger hunt, i’ll be sure to print it out.


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