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As I’m sure you noticed in my Life Lately post.. accepting this move to Ontario was a hard pill to swallow. I really just did not want to go, we had put so much thought and time into the neighbourhood we chose, the home we picked, and the additions to the home to make it ours. BUUUTT, the one decent thing about selling our Vancouver home and leaving the city (currently anyways) is the real estate market, which is ABSURD if I must say so!!

Fortunately, the selling of our Vancouver home left room to purchase an investment property and if I’m being honest, this was a bit of a deal breaker for me when it came to moving to Ontario. Growing up in the Okanagan, it of course has a sweet spot in my heart and when my husband mentioned the possibility of purchasing an investment property there, I RAN WITH THE IDEA AND NEVER LET HIM TAKE IT BACK!! I love our families dearly, they know that, but we all know the chaos that comes with our family of four and living under one roof for weeks at a time.. I just couldn’t imagine the outcome summer after summer, so the hunt for an investment property began!!

Alright, alright.. enough chit chat about my feelings and how I suckered my husband into this purchase. Let’s get to the visuals! Below are a few of my/our same thing.. LOL favourite Pinterest summer home inspo images along with some decor pieces we have our eyes on to complete the inspired look!


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summer decor inspo

1. Wood Bed Frame | 2. Faux Fiddle Leaf | 3. Cactus Painting | 4. Plant Hanger | 5. Vintage Rug | 6. Table Lamp | 7. Throw Pillow | 8. Assorted Potted Plants | 9. Lounge Chair | 10. Metal Bunk Bed

We panicked a little as we did notice a similar pattern of the Vancouver market and it trickling it’s way into the Okanagan, but once we narrowed down what we were looking for, the stars aligned and today now marks ONE MONTH TO MOVE IN DAY!! Soo there you have it!! I little glimpse into the dreams of our soon to be summer home! We feel so fortunate to have this opportunity and CAN’T WAIT to create memories with our family for many years to come ❤

Stay tuned for more.. !!! Eek!

ps. in the mean time.. check out my Summer Reno Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

Andreana xo

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