Life Lately..

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a life update for you all! I know it’s lonnnggg overdue, so here’s the scoop on what we’ve been up to lately! I feel like with Spring comes new beginnings and a fresh start and that’s exactly the path we’re going down. You may have noticed I’ve left a few hints about some upcoming changes for our family, changes we weren’t ready for nor expecting. I know, I know.. quit being a Debbie Downer about it and just SPIT IT OUT!! Well.. we’re moving to Ontario!

I’ve been keeping in mind that this change only allows for new experiences and adventures as a family of four. There are so many beautiful places we’ve wanted to explore on Canada’s East Coast and to have the opportunity to see that with our children is an absolute dream! I’m also heartbroken. We were in the mind frame that the West Coast was our forever home.. and not to say that it won’t be, but we’ve done our fair share of moving and had it our minds that this was it! The majority of our family is just hours away, and not that we won’t see them anymore, it’s the luxury of how easy it was is where we struggle.. but this is a great opportunity for my husband and will only further his career. He’s worked really hard to get here and honestly his hard work is what has given me the privilege to stay home and raise our children and how many can say they have the opportunity to do that!?

With this move though, comes some very exciting projects and fulfilling a dream we’ve often talked about and for that I am SUPER PUMPED and can’t help, but daydream about the memories to come.. for that news though you will have to wait for a later post 😉 We have just over a month left in Vancouver, but moving especially across Canada.. HOLY MOLY!! What a process! Very much like a domino effect.. you can’t do this, until you do that, so it’s been a bit of a waiting game until recently! We’ve purchased a home in Ontario, reached out to our catchment school.. I can’t believe Emma will be starting kindergarten this September (que the ugly cry!!) Hubby started his new position right out of the gate come the New Year, so our life has been a bit up in the air.. but we make the best of it and are just trying to enjoy what time we have left!

So that’s it guys! That’s my news.. in all of this, I think the one big thing I’ve learned about myself is I don’t like change. I struggle to see the big picture and instead I go into a bit of a panic mode, hashing out every possible negative outcome.. my poor hubby. But now having the chance to soak in this change, I will admit I am excited and looking forward to exploring a whole other side of Canada that I may have never had the opportunity to see!

Any Ontario mama’s out there!!? Send me a direct message or comment down below! I’ll need all the inside scoop I can get to navigate this family of four on our new adventure!

Andreana xo

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