O’ahu Recap | Sleep, Eat, Chill, Repeat!

We’re back!! What a trip! We were so excited to take off to Hawaii to spend some much needed time poolside and on the beach with our little family, but of course the stress of getting there in one piece weighted heavily on our minds!! Ben does not travel well! And not until recently connecting the dots.. I get motion sickness sooo it makes total sense that he could too! But we made it and as the title says we literally slept, ate, chilled on repeat and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!


If you’re in a place to splurge a little bit on your accommodations, then Ko Olina is the place to stay! We rented a 2 bedroom villa through Airbnb at the Beach Villas at Ko Olina (right beside the Aulani Disney Resort) and it by far reached our expectations and MORE! The spacious villa, the sandy lagoon, the pools all so incredibly beautiful and most importantly.. 100% kid friendly! Our host was unbelievably accommodating especially because we had arrived so late in the day. They offered grocery pick-up and delivery, arranged to have a pack n’ play and high chair set up before we arrived, had everything and anything we could have possibly needed to play in the pools or at the beach. I of course over packed but had we arrived with a swim suit and few changes of clothes and we would have been set!

The four resorts all within Ko Olina have their own lagoons which make it great for families to enough the beach, swim and snorkel without rogue waves crashing through.

I think what I enjoyed the most was our slow mornings.. though Ben was up at 5:00am every morning!!! It allowed for us to take our time, start out with a great breakfast, relax, giggle, play and soak in the beautiful scenery.

About mid way through the week we contemplated if we should be doing more? Getting out and sightseeing with the kids!? The zoo? Hikes? But honestly, they were pretty content to just hang out and so were we! Not having to worry about hauling extra stuff for day trips, or contemplate how they would do on the hike. We just kind of decided no.. we didn’t want to stress about anything, but relaxing and enjoying this chill time together!

Mama’s view during nap time! Our kids thrive on a routine, so we tried our best to stick to that! Plus playing out in the sun all morning can be hard work for those little bodies. So while Ben napped, Emma had her quiet time and we enjoyed a relaxing view accompanied by some tropical cocktails!


There comes a day when you and your children all look at the camera at the same time right!? LOL! Kidding aside.. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Hawaii and will cherish that time together forever! Leave us a comment down below of some of your family’s favourite travel destinations so we can start planning our next vacation!

Andreana xo

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