Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner!! With the chaos of us preparing to move over these last few months we both decided to limit the gifts for this year.. buutttt I thought it would be a great idea to get my hubby’s input on some of his absolute favourite things and share them with you in the case that you’re on a list minute hunt for ideas! Pat’s big on simple, functional items.. and though he can be a bit of a hoarder LOL.. sorry babe!! I will say he does get great use out of the things he buys. We’re big on Amazon in this house too, so a lot of his favourites I’m sure you can easily find there!

Father Day1. Amphibian Shorts | 2. Cordless Screwdriver | 3. Bluetooth Speaker | 4. Ball Cap | 5. Noise Cancellation Headphones | 6. Yardzee | 7. Sports Novel | 8. Fragrance Set | 9. Casual Shoes | 10. Watch

Amphibian Shorts: Can also be known as Hybrid shorts are a staple in Pat’s closet. It’s great to have a few colours in these, they can be easily dressed up or down, keep you cool during a game of golf and quickly dry after jumping in the pool!

Cordless Screwdriver:We saw a commercial for this cordless screwdriver a couple years ago now and of course Pat’s eyes lit up! Both my mom and I had hunted high and low for this thing with no luck! Until this past Christmas she was finally able to snag one at her local Home Hardware. Great tool to keep in your car or for odd jobs around the house especially in those tight knit corners where you ALWAYS end up stripping the screw!

Bluetooth Speaker: We have a few of these for in the backyard, in the car, they’re great for camping, a day at the beach. Small, compact, throw in your bag and your good to go!

Ball Cap: If it has an Oiler’s logo on it he’s guaranteed to wear it! I swear he’s their biggest fan.. side story we were just raiding through his closet, making donation piles and of course he has Oiler’s tees, jerseys, pullovers, hats.. I suggested donating a few he doesn’t fit in anymore. His response.. ‘We will never get rid of Oilers stuff!’ eek.. touchy subject!

Noise Cancellation Headphones:Pat travels a fair amount and like anyone.. has a tough time sleeping on those redeye flights. He bought a pair of these from one of those Best Buy vending machines you see in airports and he swears these are one of his best investments especially for those who find themselves traveling a fair amount.

YARDZEE: We bought our set from a local shop Handmade by Amber here in Vancouver, so definitely have a look locally first, but I did see a few options on Amazon if you’re in a pinch! We love to play board games, cards.. anything competitive really! Great game to play for any sort of outdoor get-togethers!

Sports Novel: Again, anything Oilers or sports related he will read it..

Fragrance Set: I bought this set on a whim last Christmas. I liked that they were small, and that it provided a variety of scents because, well.. Pat’s picky! Buuttt he LOVES them! They all smell really nice, nothing too strong and again great for travel.

Casual Shoes: We call these yacht shoes in our house.. but basically shoes that are casual, can be dressed up or down and must be slip on!

Watch: Another one of his obsessions.. watches!! Of course there is a huge price range in what is available out there, but for quality, appearance and price Fossil watches he finds to be a great bargain!

And a BONUS!! Can’t believe we forgot this one.. a pizza stone! We have a recipe I’ll be sharing soon for an awesome authentic pizza crust that 100% props goes to Pat for creating and perfecting. Keep a look out for that soon!!

What are some special gift ideas you’re thinking of getting for this Father’s Day!? Leave your ideas in the comments below.. especially homemade or local! Always on the lookout for unique ideas ❤

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