Bring it on, Fall!

Never did I think this day would come, but here I am.. ready for yah! This summer has brought on a lot of changes for us! Packing up and leaving Vancouver was tough, but we quickly found ourselves settled into our new summer home in the Okanagan!! If last minute changes came into play, I think it’s safe to say we were certainly open to staying and extra week.. or two! There was something so comforting about a slower pace of life, giving our kids a chance to explore my favourite little town and endless sunny days! We were so fortunate to have the beach just steps from our front door and gramma + papa’s pool just a few blocks away! I definitely had some moments of struggle in coming to terms with this move and new changes ahead, but having this summer to sit back and just enjoy making memories with my kids I think is what I really needed in taking this next step. As much as I miss it though, I had been craving some structure, routine and organization in our life! At the time, knowing we still had our final trek to Ontario weighted on my mind, the uncertainly of the progress on our home renovation and the daunting task of having yet to move-in and unpack our life in this new province.

the move..

the move.. (1)

This is also the first year where we have a child in school every single day. I think this will be a learning curve for us all.. but we’re ready to take it on! Having the ability to stay home with my kids I would say has allowed me to be more of a fly-by-the-seat of my pants type mom and at the time having two young kids to tow around they seemed to adapt well to that lifestyle. Emma has reached a point though where she’s connecting the dots, expressing her emotions more and is confident in putting on the brakes when she feels uncertain. The older she gets the more I realize that we need to help her in feeling secure and prepared in each day. She’s sensitive to change and though her way of expressing how she feels at times can frustrate me, I’m learning to respect that she needs time and setting realistic expectations will only help her to thrive.

Then there’s Ben.. he’s pretty go-with-the-flow, but definitely momma’s boy. He still needs a good mid-day nap and snacks, snacks, snacks.. gosh that kid can eat! He’s just turned two (que the ugly cry!!) but I think with Emma off to school this is a great time to let him explore this world on his own a little too..

the move.. (2)

the move.. (3)


So Summer.. thank you for the cherished memories. It’s been a good, tough and an oh so beautiful Summer! And while I will miss those cute bum tan lines, warm patio nights and shrieks of excitement as we make our way over to gramma + papa’s.. I think we’re ready for cooler, crisp days, a little less chaos and a little more structure.

Bring it on, Fall!

Andreana xo


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