Our Weekend At Cultus Lake

I’m a little late posting this.. actually I wasn’t going to post it at all. I had these big plans for this blog post of our weekend away at Cultus Lake, but when we got home I realized the few photos I had were taken on my phone. For whatever reason I have this idea in my mind that the photos I share need to be perfect, great quality, staged photos if you will when really that’s not my life! I’m no photographer, I do try my best to use our ‘good camera’ as we call it, I mean we spent a good chunk of money on it, so I want to use it and learn how to use it to its full potential. I want to capture the beautiful moments of our life and have those treasures to reflect on, but when you’re enjoying yourself and soaking everything in, sometimes whipping out your iPhone is just easier. They may not be as great of quality, maybe a bit blurry and just straight up chaotic, but that’s my life right now and I need to embrace it and not be embarrassed to share it. So here it is.. our family weekend away at Cultus Lake!

Cultus Lake is actually less then an hours drive from our home, but we love it! It’s our little staycation away from home. Last summer I was 11 months pregnant with our baby boy and we wanted to get away one last time as a family of three, but not head too far just incase.. so we rented a little place at Cultus Lake. We had such a great time, that it was a no brainer to come back again. We rented a home from an awesome family through Airbnb, it had everything we could need and more, plenty of space for our family and friends, a huge fish tank (they even left individual bags of food for us to feed the fish each day!!) and to top it off beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The only downside from our weekend away was the amount of smoke that we had from the several devastating B.C. wildfires.



This little chair has got to the the handiest thing! Of course it dawns on me last minute that I have no way of sitting Ben down to eat, so Amazon to the rescue!! I found this Summer Infant Pop ‘N Sit Portable Chair for a great price! It even provides you with straps to attach to a dining room chair if you wish. Definitely a life saver as this little one refuses to sit still come eating time and of course our two pups conveniently know the greatest times to hang around!


Anywhere you stay in Cultus Lake whether you are renting or camping is walkable which is a major plus in my books. The idea of having to haul my kids in and out of the car anytime we want to head to the beach, water park, convenience store you moms know.. it can be like running a marathon some days! Now that my two are both walking though, I am definitely investing in a wagon as a stroller was just not cutting it! The main beach has a huge dock to jump and swim in the lake, the playground has been newly renovated and is great for all ages, you can even rent pedal boats, paddle boards, kayaks and there’s a cute little concession for an afternoon treat.


Why does every playground not have these types of swings!! We spent countless hours on this swing while our daughter went to and from the beach to the playground.



This little one is every bit her Daddy! I’m sure he’ll kick me for this, but Pat is a huge sports fan and so once finding out we were pregnant I wouldn’t have doubted that he secretly wished for Emma to be a boy, but I know she has given him so much more then he could have ever imagined. Their bond is so incredibly special, hand in hand these two do everything together ❤


I think the highlight of our daughter’s trip though was the Cultus Lake Water Park! If you’re in the Vancouver area and have never been, it’s definitely worth a day trip in my opinion. It has over 16 various slides, several food outlets, they have a BBQ area if you wish to cook your own food, tons of picnic tables and grass covered areas to lay your stuff out. You can even rent umbrellas if you didn’t think to pack your own. They’ve certainly covered all bases when it comes to families. Our 10 month old, Ben was perfectly content to walk around, people watch and splash around in the toddler wading pool while we all took turns going up with Emma on the slides. She’s just getting to the age where she can go on most rides which is frightening as a mom, but oh so fun!!



There you have it! Our little weekend staycation away from home. Have you been to Cultus Lake!? Where are some of your family’s favourite places to vacation? We’re always looking to venture to new places, so let us in on your top secret locations!!

Andreana xo

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.





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